Our People

Mike Gatto


Mr. Gatto worked for Goodyear and Kelly tire companies for a total of 22 years before founding Gatto’s Tires and Auto Service in 1971.

Pam Gatto


Pam started working at Gatto’s in 1973 when her father asked her to help him for 2 weeks until he could hire someone. Pam ended up being the one he hired and ‘2 weeks’ turned into a career. Pam has been company President since 1994.

Mike McHenry

Advertising and Marketing Manager

Pam’s son Mike has been with Gatto’s since 1992. Over the years he has been Service Dept Manager, Store Manager, and outside sales. He has been in charge of advertising and marketing since 2011.

Scott McHenry

Operations Manger

Pam’s son Scott has been with the company since 1998. He performs various corporate functions which include Human Resources, Major accounts payable and IT

Mike Nevin

Sales Manager & Store Supervisor

Pam’s son-in-law Mike is from New Zealand and is known by his nickname, Kiwi. He has been with the company since 2003, working in sales and store management until becoming Sales Manager & Store Supervisor in 2011.